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Payment Terms

Payments for retainers are submitted on a weekly or monthly basis based on the retainer. Payment is to be submitted retroactively meaning it will be submitted following completion of the terms. 

 You may cancel the retainer at any time and there is no minimum commitment. However, if a retainer is open and any amount of work is completed during that term you will be required to complete the full payment for that term.

For example, if you open a weekly retainer and I work Monday-Thursday but you decide to close the retainer on Thursday, you will still be responsible for the full Retainer Payment.

You are able to upgrade or downgrade retainers at any time.

Reporting and Communications

Ongoing reporting will be completed in accordance with the Retainer duration (ie. Weekly or Monthly) unless otherwise agreed upon. 

I will constantly update you on the progress of my work and how many hours I’ve used up from our initial agreement. 

In short, we will clearly define communication standards and preferences so that you will always be comfortable and confident in our time working together. 

Overage work (i.e. Overtime)

Note: My time is discounted when working in retainers (one of the many benefits of retainer). If working hours expands beyond the agreed upon retainer I will request addition compensation for the hours worked beyond the retainer. 

Think of it like overtime. 

However! We will agree upon the hours and I will clearly communicate my hours worked BEFORE working beyond the container. 

After agreement, you will be billed an hourly rate for additional time worked beyond the retainer. 


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