Here is your proposal, Steven

This will outline what my packages include

Let’s set the stage, Steven.

Here’s the problem…

  • \You don't currently have one professional, stand out site to send clients/prospects to
  • \You want a professional brand and website that is a catalyst to the growth of your coaching biz
  • \You need a place to host your services, applications, and products
  • \You need the infrastructure of a brand that is bigger than just your personal brand
  • \You want a brand and a site that embodies the movement you are making but don't have the time nor the know-how to make it happen
  • \You want someone you trust to take care of all the small details and implementation to bring your ideas (and brand) to life so you can FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS.


Steven’s biggest pain point is not having a professional brand presence established that is BIGGER than himself so that he can accelerate the growth of his coaching biz, build a team, and serve more clients powerfully. Steven wants a his site to help establish his professional brand, reach more people, and ultimately grow his coaching business.

To make this happen, his site will be a way to bring his new brand to life, stand out from the competition, and facilitate the movement that he is creating. 

Steven’s problem is simple… He lacks the professional brand and site he needs to really stand out and grow to the business he has envisioned over the next 6 months. 

To make that vision a reality, Steven needs to work with someone that gets the vision he has – someone who not only has the design skills but also the marketing know-how to make his brand grow!

Summary: Having a professional brand presence, a new digital home for his brand, and a way to expand his movement is important to Steven because it will help him to accelerate the growth of his brand over the next 6 months so that he can focus on what he loves doing AND ultimately build a professional brand that changes lives.

Professional – Elevated Style.

Steven wants to create a professional-site that elevates his brand!

We’ll spend more time on the style in the future


The size of the site is one of the most important aspects when building the proposal. But size is not just pages but also the depth of the use cases.

Different use cases include sub-brands and various positioning that come with different offerings (ex. Different sales pages for different programs will likely have completely different copy, different branding (ie. design, feel, colors, etc.), and different features.

Here’s a general layout of the typical sizes of sites

Home Page

About Me




Features – Let’s Make It Functional.

Your site should not just be a pretty brochure… Your site needs to be functional!

Different functionality includes: 

  • $Personal Brand Site
  • $Marketing Site - Funnels & Sales Pages
  • $Content Site
  • $eCommerce
  • $Reviews Site
  • $Customer Profile - Membership Site
Integrations add functionality and can include:
  • $Email and Lead Magnet Integration
  • $Calendly
  • $Application Forms
  • $Check-In Forms
  • $Digitally-Sign Contracts
  • $eCourses
  • $Memberships
  • $Any other software you currently use


Finishes are often overlooked elements that can really distinguish a site. These are also elements that can take a lot of addition time and resources to create.

Finishes include:

  • $Photography
  • $Creative Elements
  • $Iconography
  • $Copy Writing
  • $Illustrations
  • $Stock Photography/Backgrounds
  • $PDF Creation


Time is our greatest asset… And you likely are here because you respect your time enough (amongst other things) to know that you shouldn’t waste it building a website

In short, I prefer to work in sprints! Meaning I prefer to work fast with a handful of projects that complete in a short period of time than to juggle many different projects over a long period of time.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • $Week 1: We layout the ground work for exactly what the site will look like (ie. pages, content, messaging, images, forms, etc.)
  • $1 Month Build Out with Weekly Revisions
  • $6 - 30 Minute Zoom Calls
  • $1-Week Post Production Revisions
  • $$250/Week Retainer for On-Going Creation/Revisions
With that being said, my packages include some Done-With-You components specifically the copy. I create compelling copy that converts on a website but I need your input because no one knows you or your audience better than yourself! Think of me as your guide.


Here Is Your Proposal

Payment Plans Overview

Upfront (Best Value)
Full Price
3 Monthly Payments
Full Price +10%
6 Monthly Payments
Full Price +20%

I am looking forward to hearing what you think! 

Feel free to email me: or call: (269) 929-8488 

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