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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update my site on my own?

Of course! You should have received admin access to do anything and everything to your site!

If for any reason you can’t remember your login OR can’t find where to log in, please simply submit a request above and we will provide you with your login information. 

My site crashed! (This has never happened before)

Submit an inquiry above and Darren, along with the entire customer support team his agency has operating behind the scenes, will get the site back up and running in no time. 

I want to update/redesign my site, can you do that for me?

Yes! Darren is here to support you, your brand, and your website as you continually grow. 

He always says “your website is a reflection of you! As you and your business grows your website should reflect that. If you go a full year without any updates then we should both be concerned!” 

We handle website updates on a weekly retainer. If you want to update the website please submit the form above and we will set up a time to chat about the updates. 

Do I need to update my website, software, plugins, etc.?


With our website management packages, we will update any and all software and plugins for you. 

I have had 27 people asked me who designed my site... do you offer referral commissions?


As a part of our Free For Life Website Program, we normally offer a referral commission of 20% of the entire cost of the referral’s project package. 

It’s our goal for you to recoup your entire investment OR never have to pay for your site management fee again because of your referral bonuses!