#1 Canva Pack For Coaches

Canva Template Pack For Coaches

A complete Canva Template Pack made by an Award-Winning Designer to suit the Exact Needs of Coaches so you can have insanely high-quality graphics without the headaches.

  • NOver +100 Templates
  • NCompletely Customizable
  • NMoney Back Guarantee

The perfect set of Canva Templates to help you…

Have insanely high quality social media graphics...

Without the headache of designing them yourself or spending hundreds on trying to find a reputable designer…

Save time when making content...

Without having to hire a designer or find random templates on your own that honestly never look that great…

Have the right types of posts to grow your social media following...

Without making them from scratch or trying to make them up while staring at a blank screen

Feed Posts
Story Posts
Carousel Posts

Posts designed to be posted on your feed

Spice up your IG feed with our professional designs.

Our feed posts are 1080px by 1350px and come in several different styles.

Some examples are... Testimonial Posts, Transformation Posts (Before & Afters), Quote Posts, Twitter Style Quote Posts, and so many more!

Posts designed to be shared to your stories

Show up professionally every day with our story templates.

Our story templates are designed to increase engagement AND increase conversions.

Some examples are... "This Or That" Poll Stories, Transformation Stories, Quote Post Stories, Testimonial Stories, Call-To-Action Stories, and so many more!

Swipeable Carousel Posts For Your Feed

A fan favorite are our swipeable carousel posts. Nothing positions you as an expert and authority figure quite like a professional, high-value carousel post!

These posts are designed to have multiple slides packed with valuable information.

Some examples are... Listicle Posts (ex. Top 5 Tips Hypertrophy), How-To Posts, Process Posts (ex. 5 Steps to Building Your Email List), and so much more!

What’s included inside The Coach’s Canva Pack…

+100 Canva Templates

Choose from hundreds of completely customizable Canva Posts! 

We teach you how to edit and inject your branding into our existing templates. 

All our posts are professional design and guaranteed to elevate your social media game!

In this pack you’ll get:

  • NInstagram Feed Posts (Can be used for Facebook)
  • NInstagram Story Posts
  • NCarousel Post Templates

Proven To Convert Post Types

Posts Designed For Coaches' Exact Needs

Unlike other templates, we have designed these post types to be EXACTLY what coaches need.

Through our 1-On-1 work with clients, we have created posts that our clients have directly requested we create.

Posts To Attract

These posts are designed to showcase your brand, position yourself as an authority, and attract your audience. 

Ex. Testimonial posts, transformation posts, shareable quote posts, and so many more! 

Posts To Engage

These posts are designed to engage your audience with your brand, increase engagement, and build relationships. 

Ex. Story posts with This-Or-That Polls, Question Polls, and so much more!

Posts To Promote | MOST POPULAR

Using our proven Stories Sales Formula, these stories are designed to promote your coaching, your products, your lead magnets/freebies, and your challenges! 

Ex. Story Sales Formula, Carousel Posts with Call-To-Action, Lead Magnet Story Share, and so many more! 

Posts To Educate

These posts are designed to teach and educate your audience so that you can increase value and position yourself as an authority. 

Ex. Quote posts, educational carousel posts, and so many more!

Secret Story Sales Script

We give you our Exact Story Sales Script and Story Sequence that combines master copy writing strategies, persuasive psychological principles, and marketing tactics to make one irresistible sales sequence.

We provide the script and story sequence template so that you can rinse and repeat this sequence whenever you want and influx of clients and want the perfect way for your clients to raise their hands.

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME This signature system is normally reserved for our high-level clients. We will not be offering this for long inside of this pack.

Canva Design eCourse

We make designing your templates easy with our Canva Design eCourse. 

You’ll learn how to create professional brand graphics and social media posts even if you’ve never designed anything before!

Here’s what else you’ll learn…

  • NHow to use the Coach's Canva Templates
  • NThe 3 essential components of On-Brand designs
  • NThe Basics of Design – How to make posts that don’t suck…
  • NWhen in doubt… use this design!


How does it work?

Once purchased you will create an account on members.darrenpeel.com to access the templates and eCourse.

You will be emailed instructions as well.

Simply click on the templates that you want to use and the template will open inside of Canva. 

How do I edit the templates?

All templates are edited inside of Canva. 

Not sure how to use Canva?

We’ve got you covered with our Bonus eCourse that walks you through how to use Canva. 

How much does it cost?

There’s not one single answer to this question!

A website design is quoted based on the needs of each individual project. Every website is unique and requires different components; we design and develop custom websites specifically for you.

We’ll ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment.

Most of our sites run in the $5,000 range, but can be more or less depending on needs

Do I need a Canva account? or Canva Pro?

You need a Canva account. The Templates will work with the Free Account but we recommend using Canva Pro. 

Will you make more templates?

YES! We are constantly adding new templates to this bundle and you will get access to all new templates.


Our Templates Are Designed Specifically For Coaches!

To summarize… Everything you get inside of the Coach’s Canva Templates

100+ Canva Templates

Without the headache of designing them yourself or spending hundreds on trying to find a reputable designer…

Proven to Convert Post Types

Without the headache of designing them yourself or spending hundreds on trying to find a reputable designer…

Bonus: Design with Canva eCourse

Without the headache of designing them yourself or spending hundreds on trying to find a reputable designer…

The Coach’s Canva Templates

  • NOver +100 Templates
  • NCompletely Customizable
  • NMoney Back Guarantee
Early Bird Access

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We’re So Confident that you’re going to absolutely love your templates that we will give you 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t love and use our templates!

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