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Meet Darren Peel.

Darren Peel

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Darren Peel Is Serving The World Through His Agency

Darren spends most of his days building extraordinary personal brands through his Boutique Design Agency, Extraordinary Brands.

Darren’s Agency builds impactful personal brands and websites for coaching who want to leverage their passions and expertise to make a difference in the world. 

This is what Darren Peel wants you to know…

Darren wants to show you that you can be outrageously successful, live your dream life, and have an impact.

The secret?

Building an extraordinary brand.

If you want to succeed online today, you have to have a remarkable personal brand. Period.

Don’t read this part… it’s weird and personal.

5 things you probably didn’t know about Darren Peel…

  • "I only wear all black"
  • "Traveling and seeing the world is my greatest passion"
  • "I have a weird obsession with avocado (and photoshop them into all of my Instagram pictures)"
  • "My brain is unique in that it combines a very analytical, technical, and systematic approach with a love for design. This rare combo is my super power."
  • "I have a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance and absolutely love biohacking and taking weird nootropics. "

What is Darren Peel working on now… (Outside of his Agency)

I don’t tell a lot of people this but my greatest dream in life is to build the Luxury Container Communities.

What are the Luxury Container Communities you ask?!

The Luxury Container Communities are a unique and modern approach to living a better life. Darren believes a better life starts with where you live.

For this reason, Darren is relentlessly pursuing a new, modern, and never-seen-before living concept that combines a studio gym, modern and minimalist living spaces, and a co-working space.

Oh and they are all black with a modern flare. #alwaysonbrand.


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What people are saying about Darren Peel

Over 70+ Coaches

“Darren is a creative genius. Enough said.”

-Dr. Justin Moseley

The Mindset Doctor

“I’ve worked in New York Marketing/Design Agencies… trust me when I say Darren gets it!

-Keri Ford

Elevate with Keri

“I can’t put into words how excited I am to have my brand look like a Million Dollar Brand.

-Kristen Boss

The Social Selling Academy

“Darren was one of the greatest investments I have ever made in my company!”

-Brian Pickowicz

The Fitness Project

“Darren knocked it out of the park! I am really happy with his work. “

-Austin Current
Physique Development

“Darren’s quality is bare none the best we have seen in the marketplace. “

-Lindsey Rago

The Fitness Project

Darren crushed my site! I’m extremely happy with his work.”

-Harris Benjamin

Coached By Harris

“Darren is more than a designer… he understands coaching & marketing

-Michael Parsons

Encompass Fitness 

I loved working with Darren! He made my site better than I could have imagined.”

-Jhonatan Ramirez

Beyond Gym Selfies

“I couldn’t be more excited about my site! I’ve gotten tons of compliments!

-Alicia Wagner

Alicia Wagner Fitness

“I had a vision for my website, and Darren took it above and beyond.”

-Maria Louise

Shape Shifts Coaching

“Darren is an absolute wizard with all things web design and branding!”

-James Marshall

The Strength Society